Tour Striker Review

The Tour Striker is a fantastic golf training aid that provides tangible results that will permanently improve your golf game and lower your handicap. I am writing this review after many hours of using it on the range.

In this review I will show you both the positive and negative aspects of the Tour Striker golf training aid. There are various versions of the Tour Striker – I will outline the differences between them and give general insight into which you should purchase. After reading this you will be armed with enough information to decide whether the Tour Striker will be beneficial to you and your golf game.

Practice Required

First, I must state that this training aid is not a miracle cure and by no means claims to be. You will be putting in quite a bit of range and practice time to see the full benefit. You will notice improvement during and after each range session, especially when switching back to your standard irons.

Tour Striker Golf Swing Training Aid

My Tour Striker Iron

Tourstriker golf swing training aid

What is it?

The Tour Striker has recently been gathering a large following of users and supporters. Reviews and talk about the club can be found in various magazines, blogs, forums and on TV. Professional golfer Gary McCord with PGA Pro and Tour Striker creator Martin Chuck endorse the club through various promotional and training videos.

When you first pick up your Tour Striker you will notice that it feels like a standard iron. That is because it is, with one modification. The leading edge of the club fave has been rounded off. For a lot of people, including me, the portion of the club face where you usually hit the ball is missing completely. If you sweep the ball, meaning you strike the ball at the very bottom of the apex of your swing, you will instantly notice that the ball is not getting airborne. Every good and consistent golfer, soon to include you, has one thing in common – they strike the ball on their down swing with forward shaft lean. This is proper impact position.

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The Tour Striker trains you to get in proper impact position every time you strike the ball. The results are tactile and visual. If you do not hit down on the ball, the ball will not take flight – it’s as simple as that. With proper impact position, you should be taking a slight divot in front of the ball. Most amateur golfers take divots behind or directly under the ball which is another sign that you are a “sweeper.”

Tour Striker Models

There are currently five different models of the Tour Striker on the market. Each of these is designed to target a different type of shot or player skill level.

Tour Striker 8 Iron

tourstriker 8-iron review

The Tour Striker 8 Iron is designed for the higher handicapper golfer. Of the various models, this is the easiest to hit while still requiring getting into proper impact position. If you are new to golf or have been struggling with your swing, the Tour Striker 8 Iron is the right choice for you.

Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron

tourstriker 7 iron pro review

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron is geared for the middle handicapper and those who are serious about improving their game. To get the most out of this model, you should have decent swing mechanics and the drive and dedication to improve your impact position. The Pro 7 Iron is the most popular Tour Striker Model and is high recommended by Martin Chuck to those who are unsure of which club to purchase.

Tour Striker Pro X 7 Iron

tourstriker pro x 7 review

The Pro X 7 Iron is an advanced version of the previous model. The main difference is a smaller sweet spot. To strike the ball correctly with this iron, you must not only hit down on the ball, you must all strike the ball at the center of the sweet spot of the club face. When you are able to hit this club consistently you will be able to strike the ball well with player’s irons and blades. This club requires the most practice and dedication but will provide the largest reward to your golf game.

Tour Striker Pro 5 Iron

tourstriker 5-iron review

The Tour Striker Pro 5 Iron is designed much like the Pro 7 Iron but aimed at helping your properly strike your longer irons. The Pro 5 Iron features a decent sized sweet spot with a 5 iron loft and shaft length.

Tour Striker 56 Degree Wedge

tourstriker wedge review

This model, the 56 Degree Wedge, is designed to help your short game. The swing mechanics and impact position are similar between the range of irons, but the 56 degree wedge will give you confidence and practice on your very important short game. Many amateurs try to lift and scoop the ball with their wedge shots, which is a mistake. It is important to strike down on the ball with your wedges as well to achieve high ball flight and proper backspin.


The biggest downside to the Tour Striker is that you will hit some horrible shots while you are using it. Unless you already have great impact position, there is no way around it. My first range sessions rarely consisted of ball taking flight – everything was a low dribbler or a line drive. This is nothing to worry about, it is just the Tour Striker pointing out that you have been not striking down properly on the ball. With a bit of practice you will hit consistent high, piercing iron shots with the Tour Striker.

If you are not worried about your image at the range, you have nothing to worry about. The benefits of practicing with this swing training aid far outweigh the temporary embarrassment of hitting bad range shots for a while. Trust me, it is worth having the patience and putting in the practice at the range.

Best Deal?

At the time of this post there are no Tour Striker coupon codes available. This training aid is placed at a great price point for the level of service you get from buying through the official vendor and the drastic improvements you will see in your golf game.

The Tour Striker can be found at various brick and mortar golf stores as well as many online shops. Discount models can be found on eBay while used clubs occasionally pop up on Craigslist.

Tour Striker Sale

Where to Buy?

I recommend buying your Tour Striker straight from the creator, Martin Chuck. He is a PGA teaching Pro based out of Arizona and is dedicated to his product and the results it creates. He can often be seen on golf blogs and forums answer questions about the Tour Striker, even making YouTube videos to help customers with their swing. If there are any issues or concerns it is very easy to get in touch with Martin.

Be ready to dedicate range time with your new Tour Striker and you will soon reap the improvements of getting in to proper impact position. This will lower your golf scores, handicap and make golf a more enjoyable game.

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